Our Team


The Shaw, Harry is the expert in lawn-care, planting, maintenance and all things green.

Since winning the north west regional finals of young horticulturalist of the year in 2010, Harry has excelled as a gardener and as a landscape gardener. His knowledge of plant care is fantastic so he's the expert in soft landscaping here at SG.

He loves to lay a natural stone patio, has a keen eye for detail and is always guaranteed to be happy at work.

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The brother in law, Andrew has a design background. After 6 years of study he wanted to take his design skills away from the books and computers and use his hands to graft and create. His experience in landscaping stems from working in west London, where he was part of a team building earth dome classrooms and many contoured playscapes. During his time there he learnt many new skills and as every day was totally different, he was hooked.. Andrew is very environmentally conscious and has a good knowledge of permaculture principles and designs.

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Create the perfect environment.